Procedure on How to apply for Certification.


Five simple steps for granting Halal Certificate:

  1. Halal certification application
  2. Application evaluation
  3. Halal certification agreement and price quote
  4. On-site audit
  5. Certification decision

Please send filled application form via email to: or via post to: Halal Certification Authority: 9A, Wing 1, Abiodun Fasakin Crescent, Behind Former LASU Campus, Anthony, Lagos

Refusal to grant Halal Certification:

HCA may refuse a Halal Certification application or refuse to issue a document verifying compliance with the Halal requirements if:

  1. In HCA’s reasonable opinion the client does not comply or fails to comply with the Halal requirements, Halal standards, or Islamic law.
  2. In HCA’s reasonable opinion the client fails to comply with any of the obligations under the Halal certification agreement.

Procedure for suspension, withdrawal, reduction, maintenance, extension, and renewal of Halal  certificate:

  1. All issues related to suspension, withdrawal, or reduction are reviewed by the Halal  Certification Committee of HCA.
  2. The Halal  Certification Committee of HCA is responsible for making all decisions related to Halal  certification including: granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending, and withdrawing of Halal  certification.
  3. The client is notified of the Halal  Certification Committee’s decision immediately.
  4. Suspended, withdrawn, and reduced certificates become invalid starting on the notification date.

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