Halal Certification Authority is a faith-based products certification body that develops Halal product standards and conducts inspection in accordance with Islamic Law (Shariah) that is Internationally accepted and reliable for both domestic and foreign consumers.


 To develop and establish Halal products standards in
conformity with Islamic Law and international standards.
 To offer Halal Certification Services for products and
 To develop human capacity in the field of Halal and its
 To ensure traceability of certified halal products and
services by leveraging on cutting edge technology in order to
maintain Halal standard and requirements..
 To collaborate with other Stakeholders (in public and private
sectors) to redress the challenges in Halal industry through
process improvements, promoting healthy living and sustainable


    Organization overview

    We are:

    1. Islamic Regulatory Body

    2. Authorized certification and quality assurance body

    3. We Develop Halal products standards and accreditation process and procedures for Halal products certification

    We are in partnership with:
    • International Institute for Halal Research and

      Training INHART, International Islamic

      University, Malaysia

    • Halal Food Authority, United Kingdom

    • Laboratory of Halal Services, Universiti Putra


    • Halal Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

    • Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON)

    • Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi




    Corporate Strategy

    • Management based on good governance
    • Determine the context of standards and management of Halal products quality
    • Build more reliability and acceptability of Halal products standard
    • Promote and support Halal products for export

    The Concept of Halal is to:

    • To preserve the purity of religion

    • To safeguard the Islamic mentality

    • To preserve life • To safeguard property

    • To safeguard future generations

    • To maintain self-respect and integrity.

    Importance of Halal for Customers

    • Healthy products

    • Additionally controlled and monitored

    • Present in all the dietary habits

    • Acceptable for all ages

    • Acceptable for members of other religion

    • Market potentials (USD5-7Trillion)

    • Fast growth of Halal market

    • Competitive advantages and;

    • Security of Halal products



    Benefits of  Halal Certification

    The implementation of Halal standard requirements achieves two goals: fulfilling the obligations and customer satisfaction, which gives companies certain advantages. Obtaining Halal certification opens the door of global Halal market to companies for sale of their products. The economic importance of Halal for companies:

    • Market potential

    • Fast growth of Halal market

    • Competitive advantages and security of Halal products in the long term